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Specification:MaterialEva foam with felt on surfaceWeight20g/pcColour 6 types SizecustomizedThickness:1/2 inch  ✔Amazing hexagonal shape;Make any space more ...

  • shape: Hexagon
  • material: polyester felt
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    Material Eva foam with felt on surface
    Weight 20g/pc
    Colour  6 types 
    Size customized
    Thickness: 1/2 inch


















    • ✔Amazing hexagonal shape;Make any space more beautiful, acoustic and organized. The tiles designed to handle countless thumbtacks and pins. Be creative and use as a memo / notice board or vision board by adding pictures, notes and goals.
    • ✔High-quality materials;It is made from environmental Felt with twill skid-proof film, waterproof, steam proof, easily to clean. No pungent odour. It’s safe to stick to the baby room.
    • ✔Suitable surface: wall, metal, glass, creamic tile, any smooth surface.
    • ✔Easy to install;Just peel and stick. The sticker is removable without any marks on the tile. Our high quality colorful hexagon cork board looks like hand painted piece of art on your wall.
    • ✔Usage: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Dinning room, TV background, Study, Kid’s room
















































    Tips for installation 

    1.Wipe the wall and ensure the surface is smooth and dry before adhering the felt board. It can stick on glass too.

    2.Due to strong adhesion, the felt board cannot be adjusted easily. Be sure it’s in the right spot. 
    3.In cold environments, heat the adhesive back with a hair dryer for 2 minutes to regain adhesiveness.
    4.For better adhesion, press firmly for 10 seconds.
    The original adhesive is permanent and may damage painted walls or wallpaper if removed. If you want to reuse the board, attach a removable adhesive to the hexagons



























    Q: Are these good for sound dampening?

    A: Usually the hexagon boards are used for decoration or as memo board. If they are sticked all over the wall, they have dampening effect. 


    Q: Can the felt pin board place on a painted wall? Would it ruin the wall if you tried to remove it?

    A: They have glue on the back for mounting on a wall. You’d have to expect there could be some damage if you removed them. They are not designed to be moveable. 


    Q: How thick is that ? I really like this colorful cork board, seems very nice to decorate the wall, but I’m worried if that’s better than usual cork ? 

    A: It’s 0.47in thick, thicker than the usual cork tiles board. Thickness can also be customized. Unlike the normal bulletin board , we have many bright colors which would be awesome decorate on the wall of room! And a great display for your favorite picture or other stuff! 


    Q: Does this material smell bad?What is felt?

    A: No. They are great for an easy splash of color. 


    Q: How to attach to wall?

    A: There is a paper you peel off the back, leaving the felt with a sticky back. Then you just press it againt a clean surface

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