Felt cup coaster FAQ



Can the cup coaster protect the table?

For one, you can grab your drink and move it by just dragging it to where you want it and you won't scratch anything. Also, nothing pools on these and you won't get water marks like on slate. They look very nice and actually match the slate inlay in coffee table quite well.  so they don't scratch the top of table where you usually keep them.

Why need felt coaster?

The set is so cute - a great idea for a gift!
These coasters colorful and durability of this set. The coasters themselves are felt, and are extremely absorbent. Haven't had any issues with soaking through to the surface beneath the coaster. They work well for both hot and cold drinks, and add a nice bit of decor to my coffee table.
They are perfect for a fragile glass or a sweaty can. Stylish, affordable and effective.

What thickness felt coaster is the best?

The market thickness has 3mm,4mm and 5mm, but 4mm and 5mm is better as it has strong water absorption.

How to wash felt coaser ?

We highly recommend using the hand washing method for felt, especially for those projects that have sentimental value. Yes, it’s a little bit more work, but hand washing gets felt just as clean as machine washing but without the risk of ruining the fabric.

(1) Fill your sink or tub with cold water and detergent.
(2) Completely submerge the felt.
(3) Let the felt soak in the water for a few minutes, working out the stains with your fingers.
(4) Use a soft toothbrush to lightly scrub out the tougher stains.
(5) Wring the felt completely. Felt absorbs water easily, and if you do not wring it out, it will trap that water in its fibers, causing mold to grow.
(6) Let it air dry!

Can felt coaster be resued?

Yeah, of course! After washing and air dry the caaster then you can use it again as new one!

How to store the felt coaster?

When you are not using it, place it in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid humid environments


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