Felt Mouse Mat FAQ



1.do felt mouse pads make a difference?

It's not that a regular felt mouse pad is bad, but a ROLKING FELT premium product is aim to offer better tracking and less friction for more precision.

2.Is this made from polyester and is the leather PU?

This is a wool felt mouse pad with non slip back. It is not plastic or leather, our material is eco-friendly and with a good touch that does not harm to the body.

3.Are the edges soft? Or does it have a sharp edge?

It's a soft felt mouse mat, the edges feel like a thick wool sweater so the edges won’t scratch the skin.It feels soft.

4.Is this wool felt mouse mats able to a custom size/surface?

Yes, both size and colors can be customized, ROLKING FELT products can made as customers requirements.

5.Does it get dirty easily?

It doesn’t seem to collect dust. Our felt mouse mats also creates great padding that protects your desk from scuffs, scratches, spills and dents.

6.Will it move easily when use it?

It provides stable operation of the mouse. Just immerse into your work or games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement.


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