wool pressing mat FAQ

which wool pressing mat is best ?

ROLKING FELT wool pressing mats are a must for serious quilters. Not only are they ultra-convenient, but they are the best possible surface for pressing your quilting fabrics.

Why? Because the thickly felted 100% natural wool retains heat – effectively pressing your fabric on both sides while keeping your fabric stable and safe.

Do wool pressing mats smell ?

As soon as as the mat cooled off, the faint odor went away. It also didn't affect your fabric in any way. We have had more smell experiment, and haven't noticed any more weird smells. ROLKING FELT wool ironing mat definitely doesn’t stink up the room or anything.

Do wool pressing mats work ?

The idea behind the wool pressing pad is that the denseness of the wool absorbs and holds the heat of the iron. So, it’s like the fabric is being pressed from both sides–the iron from the top, and the pressing mat from the bottom.

what is a wool pressing mat ?

Wool ironing board magically iron both sides of your fabric. The main function of ROLKING FELT ironing boards is that they magically “iron both sides of your fabric at the same time.”

what is a wool pressing mat used for

ROLKING FELT thick wool felt sheet will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching. Projects including yarn and embroidery can be pinned into the wool for easy blocking. The 1/2" density provides extra protection for any ironing surface.

why use a wool pressing mat ?

In addition the small give in the wool surface almost absorbs seams and stitches creating an extra flat press. Overall, using ROLKING FELT wool ironing board pad means a better, faster press. The other positive of the closely packed wool fibers is they hold your fabric in place while it it being pressed.


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