Felt Grow Pot FAQ



1.May I know what’s the material of the felt grow bag?

ROLKING felt grow bag made of Environment friendly felt, allow roots breathable and healthier.

2.When watered do they weep out the bottom?

If you water in a right way, the water wont weep out the bottom. You can feel Free to contact us to know how to water in a proper way.

3.Will these felt grow pot last 2 seasons?

Most felt grow pots should last 3-6 years, depending on weather and how much you move them around.

4.How do you care for these felt garden pot so they can be used for multiple growing seasons?

After the growing season clean bag and store for the next season, some clients feedback that they has used our felt garden pot continually over a 5year time frame.

5.I do not need 5 of these planter bags can they be folded for storage?

Yes sure can. It will come folded when you doesn’t need it, this packing way will also help you save space.

6.Can you plant the fabric pot in the ground with the plant(Can roots permeate the pot ?

ROLKING fabric pots are pretty sturdy and we use it in our office and we have never seen roots come through.


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