Felt placemats FAQ



can felt placemats be washed

We highly recommend using the hand washing method for felt, especially for those projects that have sentimental value. Yes, it’s a little bit more work, but hand washing gets felt just as clean as machine washing but without the risk of ruining the fabric.

(1) Fill your sink or tub with cold water and detergent.
(2) Completely submerge the felt.
(3) Let the felt soak in the water for a few minutes, working out the stains with your fingers.
(4) Use a soft toothbrush to lightly scrub out the tougher stains.
(5) Wring the felt completely. Felt absorbs water easily, and if you do not wring it out, it will trap that water in its fibers, causing mold to grow.
(6) Let it air dry!

where can i buy felt placemats

Rolking felt can produce good quality felt plaemats for you, your logo can be added on the product. All the shape/color/size can be cusomized, welcome for your inquiry!

What's the advantage of felt placemats?

High-quality healthy felt placemat set is the best solution for your kitchen or dining table, which can prevent scratching the dining table. Rolking table mat is soft and made of felt, and the mat is wear-resistant, washable, non-staining, non-fading, stain-resistant, non-slip and protect the dining table.

What's the heat-resistant temperature of felt placemat?

the table mat can be effectively insulated up to 80℃, which can protect the table from scalding.

What's the care instructions of felt placemats?


1. Easy to Clean with Wet Cloth, or Rinse with little Cleaner Would Make them Look as New.
2. Clean with Water and Dry Under the Shade, No Machine Wash or Disinfected with Microwaves.
3. When you Meet Crease, please Soak it into Warm Water and Take it Out, and Put Some Heavy Thing on it, then the Crease will Disappear.

Why need felt placemats?

1. Match all Kinds of Styles of Furniture, they can be Plaed Under Cups, Tablewares, Vases Andashtrays as Decorations to your Dining Tables and Tea Tables.
2. Used as Placemats, Coasters, Potholders and Heat Pads on Dining Tables, Tea Tables.
3. Home, Hotel and Business Offices, Conference Tables, Kitchen Tables, Attractive on Wood Table, use this when Eat Altogether During the Dinner, BBQ and so on.


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