• ROLKING team building in 2020

    ROLKING team building in 2020

    We Are A Team This weekend, we go out together for a short trip. We play and have dinner together, it’s a good time for us to know more about each other. And we get closer in heart to each other. Here to share you with nice picture as below.   It’s a fantastic picture, you will ...
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  • What’s the most popular basket in our factory?

    What’s the most popular basket in our factory?

    The New Design of the felt Animal Basket Recommend! This month we have some new arrival felt storage basket in Animal shape, which is very cute and useful! What?? You don’t know them until now?! See the below pictures firstly!                   &nb...
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  • Orders come one by one, what are these orders for?

    Orders come one by one, what are these orders for?

      A survey by the Consumers Association of China shows that nearly 90 percent of respondents say they will indulge in “retaliatory consumption” in the aftermath of coronavirus.  Now people all over the world start consumption like we ever did after long time isolation. And we’re busy with o...
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  • 5th anniversary

    5th anniversary

    Today is my fifth year in Rolking In the past 5 years, the company has given me a lot of help. I have also served hundreds of customers through my own efforts. Thank you for the trust of the company and customers. I also hope that in the next days I will need more felt products. Customer service ...
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  • How’s COVID-19 in China Now?

    How’s COVID-19 in China Now?

    Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, under the personal command and deployment of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese people have been racing against time in a fight against the epidemic.We also receive the valuable support from the international community during the most difficult time in its...
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  • sincere words from China Under Virus

    sincere words from China Under Virus

    Contagion in the world, do their own prevention and control in China, but also reach out to the world. With the materials sent together, line by line, as well as a brief but sincere words. Behind them, the truth is that we reciprocated, but is entrusted with a better hope. Hope we will work to de...
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  • our situation under the virus

    our situation under the virus

    I believe you have heard a lot from people around or seen much on social networks regarding corona virus problem in China. It does bring us lots of troubles as you may seen on the newspaper that we can hardly go anywhere at Spring Festival. It is highly suggested that we all stay at home during ...
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  • Will Exports Carry The New Corona-virus?

    Will Exports Carry The New Corona-virus?

      Will exports carry the new corona virus? Answer: No.   To protect employees’ health, all employees of Rolking Felt must go back to work after the national new corona virus alarm is removed. Before that, all the employees should be isolated at home for 14 days before going to work. And all...
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  • People around the world call for peace

    U.S. airstrike kills top Iran general, Qassem Soleimani, at Baghdad airport The United States killed a high-profile commander of Iran’s secretive Quds Force with a drone strike in Iraq early Friday, the Department of Defense said.                 &nb...
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  • Iran to offer $ 80 million in reward for assassination of Trump

    According to Saudi media Al Arabiya, at Suleimani’s funeral, an eulogist offered a $ 80 million reward for the assassination of US President Trump during a live broadcast on Iranian National Television. The eulogist said: “We have 80 million people in Iran. If we each give one doll...
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  • Meaningful team-building days!

    Meaningful team-building days!

    TEAM BUILDING DAY Last Sunday, we had a meaningful league building activity! Through this day’s activities, set a new goal, clear our vision. We are more clear about the direction of the future efforts, the pace is more determined! Through the small games, but also enhance our team cohes...
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  • How to avoid wool pads shedding?

    All kinds of wool pads will shedding even the very finest pads will shed a bit at first but then taper off. So normally before using need to prep them.  A preped wool pad can reduce scratches and leave minimal swirls caused by the residue of polishing compounds trapped in wools. It also avoid the...
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