cat cave FAQ



Do cats like felt cat caves?

Cats love climbing and exploring inside everything from boxes to baskets. ... These box-loving behaviors are rooted in a cat's need for a secure space. It seems that kitties feel safer when they're in an enclosed space like a box, a taped-out square, or a cat cave.

How do you clean a cat cave?

How do I clean my cat cave? They are easy to clean, hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water and re-shape while wet, then leave to dry naturally.

How do I get my cat to use a cat cave?

One trick you can use to get cats used to their bed is to lure them into it with treats. Once your cat gets into his cat bed, you want to hold the treat above his head until he sits. Then, give your cat praise and give him the treat. You can also leave a few treats in the bed to entice him to come back

How do you wash a cat bed?

Wash it on a cold cycle using a pet-safe detergent or an unscented, dye-free detergent.
Wash your cat bed separately from other clothing or household laundry.
Run it through two wash cycles if it is especially dirty.

Why does my cat like caves?

Often, the answer is because they want to feel safe and secure. A cave or hiding spot is just that- a safe area in which to hide from dangers. Your cat may seek out boxes or other hidey holes in order to find a place that feels safe


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