Lamb Wool Polishing Pad

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Lamb Wool Polishing PadDescription:-Recessed hook and loop grip backing; -Plush durable wool and strong washable backing structure; Usage :-Family private polishing...

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Lamb Wool Polishing Pad

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-Recessed hook and loop grip backing; 
-Plush durable wool and strong washable backing structure;
Usage :
-Family private polishing, cutting and buffing with compounds, polishes and glazes;
-Works with compounds and adapters for fast.

Buffing tips:

-Match the right buffing pad to the right polishing material.

- When finishing with a polish or glaze, don’t buff dry. Leave a little material on the car, because without it, you create friction.

- Use a spur to clean your buffing pads, not sharp objects like screwdrivers, etc.

-Stay within recommended RPMs when buffing car

-Wear eye protectio

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  • FAQ:

    Q. Is your polishing pads 100% wool?
    Yes, this is 100% wool buffing pads .


    Q: How to ensure the wool pad quality?

    We will supply pre-production polishing pad sample, after you confirmed, we’ll start bulk production. We have QC to make sure the quality during the production, and you can also appoint your QC or second part to inspect the cargo before delivery.


    Q.What RPM do I use when buffing with wool?
    Try to stay between 1750-2400 RPM when compounding and between 1200-1750 RPM when finishing.


    Q.How to clean wool pad?
    Blended wools are better for washing. 100% wool pads shrink, just like your wool shirt would if you washed it. Use mild soap, cool water and a low agitation washing machine. If you wash any pad, air-dry it only, never put in a dryer.

    Any inquiry, contact us freely. You’re always welcomed! :)


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