wool felt flap disc

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Product descriptionMaterialNatural wool+Glass Fiber BackingWool content100%Diameter125mmDensity0.40g/cm3 0.45g/cm3Thickness20mmVibration AbsorptionHighAbrasion ResistanceExcellentCustomizedThe diameter,thickness,density and package all can be customizedFelt fl...

  • material: 100% wool
  • diameter : 125mm
  • density: 0.5/0.45g/cm3
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    Product description

    Material Natural wool+Glass Fiber Backing
    Wool content 100%
    Diameter 125mm
    Density 0.40g/cm3 0.45g/cm3
    Thickness 20mm
    Vibration Absorption High
    Abrasion Resistance Excellent
    Customized The diameter,thickness,density and package all can be customized

    Felt flap disc is used with polishing pastes for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of medium to large-sized components

    This polishing disc adapts ideally to the workpiece contours

    The thermal load of the workpiece is significantly reduced

    The soft type is optimal for buffing and work on workpieces with lots of contours

    Maximum Speed is 8350 RPM

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    Characteristic of felt wheels:

    a. Good wearability to make polished goods clean and bright

    b. To use with polishing liquid,polishing paste,polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect.

    c. Be used by plane and side


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    a. To polish glass, glass utensils,crystal,marble,jadeware,furniture

    b. To polish stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts,big shaped stainless steel crafts

    c. To polish plastic outer covering, electronic component

    d. For auto polishing

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  • 1.Q: Can i print my logo on the packaging?
    A:Yes, you can add your logo on handcard or sticker .

    2. Q:What kind of packaging comes with this product?
    A:Regularly, the package is pp bag pick in carton, but there’s some of customers like use the box package or customized,such as headcard, paper box or plastic box.

    3. Q: Is it acceptable if I need sample before order?
    A:Yes, we can offer you free sample before order.

    4. Q: Can I have a discount ?
    A:We will consider it and give you the discount If your order quantity is large.

    5. Q:Can myself or one of my agents visit your factory?
    A:Of course you can, and we’re welcome your visit in anytime.

    6. Q:What is the lead time?
    A:Usually it’s 10-15 days , depends on your order quantity.



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