Sauna Bath Accessory Wool Sauna Cap for Sauna Use to Protect Hair

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* ☆☆PROTECT YOUR HAIR: The sauna room is very hot and the wax removal is basically dry, so the moisture in the hair will be damaged and very hot. Therefore, the sauna cap can completely cover your head and protect your hair
* ☆☆☆Prevent Eye and Ear Pain: Even if you put it in a hot sauna for a long time, you can relieve eye and ear pain caused by burns. If you want to enjoy a sauna for a long time, this sauna hat is a sauna must-have
* Wool felt: Wool felt is a natural material with excellent heat retention and heat retention, gentle on the skin and has
excellent absorbency. It has low thermal conductivity even in hot saunas, and is highly water and stain resistant. It is also
antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and is resistant to fading and wrinkles. A must have for long lasting and comfortable sauna enjoyment
* ☆☆☆100% Wool Felt: The sauna hat is made of natural wool, which is gentle on the skin and highly absorbent. Low conductivity, no heat, antibacterial, deodorant, wrinkle resistant. If you want to enjoy a long and comfortable sauna session, this is a powerful companion
* ☆☆ Washing and Drying Method: When washing hands, prepare a bucket or bucket for the first time, then put it in water and dissolve it. Press lightly about 20 times until the detergent is removed. Please use too much water. Hang it on sauna cap and dry it may cause deformation. Dry on a flat surface

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