Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Wall Felt Panels

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 Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Wall Felt PanelsEco-Friendly – 100% Polyester Fiber, Lightweight & Impact Resistance. EASY TO INSTALL – Can be installed by anyone! Simply a...

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 Polyester Fiber Sound Absorbing Wall Felt Panels

Eco-Friendly – 100% Polyester Fiber, Lightweight & Impact Resistance. 

EASY TO INSTALL – Can be installed by anyone! Simply attach double sided tape to the back of each panel and

adhere in the desired position – that’s it!


Size: 1220*2440 mm or custom size
Material: 100% polyester fiber
Color: custom color
Thickness: 9 mm or custom thickness
Feature: Eco-Friendly ,safe for all, easy to install.

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  • Family/TV Room: Enjoy your favorite movies with enhanced sound experience provided by stopping echoes                                                                                                       and reverb from bouncing off adjacent walls and enjoy crisp, clean sound
  • Music/Home Studio Room: Isolate, absorb, and disperse excess sound allowing the music you’re making to                                                                                                  be beautifully unaffected
  • Game/Streamer Room: Ensure that whether you’re chatting with buddies over a game online or if you’re                                                                                              streaming for the world to see, that what you’re saying is contained and unaltered
  • Office/Workspace: Eliminate echoes from important phone calls and reduce excess noise from escaping your workspace
  • Nursery/Kid’s Room: Rhino Acoustic panels are excellent for isolating noise and eliminating echoes – and are 100% child friendly!

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  • Q:Will these damage the paint on the walls when removed?

    A: It would depend on what you use to mount them to the wall, these do not have adhesive on them. 


    Q:Can you pin pictures or drawings into these so they look more pleasing to the eye?

    A: Absolutely! Pins and tacks can be applied onto Rhino Acoustic Panels with ease. 

    Q: If this is to be used to keep noise from filtering in from one room to another, which room would be best to apply?
    A: For the best results, apply the panels in the room which contains the source of the noise.
    Q: The panels will keep the noise isolated and contained in that room.  What is the best way to install these tiles onto a door?

    A: Double Sided Tape is the recommended adhesive for both ease of install and removal. Simply attach the tape onto the panel and place in the desired position.
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