Choosing the wool felt of good quality is important

wool felt feature:
The wool felt fabric is made by 100% wool, and grey color is mixed by white and grey color. Natural grey, is deal for sewing, craft, and art projects. Can be stitched, glued, embroidered, needle felted, or cut for use on felt boards. Hundreds of colors make this felt ideal for serious fiber artists and hobby crafters alike.
  1. Material Quality: Look for wool felt made from high-quality, natural wool fibers. The best wool felt is typically made from 100% wool that is tightly woven or compressed. Avoid blends or synthetic materials if you’re seeking premium quality.
  2. Density and Thickness: Check the density and thickness of the felt. Higher density and thickness usually indicate better quality and durability. Thicker felt will also provide better insulation and cushioning properties.
  3. Consistency: A good quality wool felt should have consistent thickness and density throughout its surface. Irregularities or variations may indicate lower quality or uneven manufacturing.
  4. Softness and Texture: High-quality wool felt tends to have a soft, smooth texture. Run your fingers over the felt to ensure it feels pleasant and doesn’t have rough or scratchy areas.
  5. Colorfastness: Ensure that the dye used to color the felt is high-quality and colorfast. This will prevent fading or bleeding of colors, especially if the felt will be exposed to sunlight or moisture.
Mult-functional wool felt:
The felt fabric is made by 100% wool. Thickness can be 0.5mm to 100mm or higher if needed. Can be used for crafts, bags, shoes toys making.
OEM color wool felt fabric:
We can only have grey color can also make as your request. You can send us pantone color no. Or can choose from our color book, we have more than 50 colors
Our wool felt have RWS, SGS and REACH, can also make test according to your requirements.




Post time: Feb-04-2024
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