Will Exports Carry The New Corona-virus?


Will exports carry the new corona virus?

Answer: No.


To protect employees’ health, all employees of Rolking Felt must go back to work after the national new corona virus alarm is removed. Before that, all the employees should be isolated at home for 14 days before going to work. And all workshop doors will keep closed.

After going to work, the temperature shall be measured when entering the workshop. If the temperature is abnormal, it is forbidden to enter the workshop.

In the same time, to ensure the health of employees and the cleanness of goods, all the workshops in Rolking Felt will do comprehensive disinfection every day.

In terms of virus knowledge and technology:

The virus will no longer exist on the goods, and the export goods will not carry the virus. once attached to the surface of the goods, it usually does not survive for more than 2 hours; if the surface of the objects is very smooth, and the temperature and humidity are appropriate, then the new corona virus can not survive 5 days more, which is the bottom Limit, and the export goods generally take a month and a half to reach the hands of consumers.

For the air, the air can not support the suspension of virus droplets. There is basically no virus in the air, and there is no concept of how long the virus will survive in the air.

WHO’s authoritative interpretation for goods trade:


Tan Desai, a World Health Organization official, said that all countries should make overall plans based on facts and scientific rationality; prevention is necessary, but there is no need for overreaction. Who does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions and calls on countries to take convincing measures based on evidence.

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Post time: Feb-05-2020
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