Why Should We Care About GRS?

What is GRS? 

GRS means Global Recycle Standard. 
We guess that you’re probably a bit like us – aware of the impacts we humans are having on this planet,
aware of the pollution human industry causes, worried about what kind of planet we will leave to our children.
And like us, you are looking for ways to do something about it.
So, like you, we strive to make earth-smart and people -friendly decisions when we making our products.
All the polyester fiber for our felt products is GRS certified. Our polyester fiber is made from plastic PET bottles, then we 
make these fiber into felt material, then use the felt  material to make our felt finished products, such as, 
storage basket, shopping bags, coasters, cat caves and so on. OEM available.

Post time: Sep-30-2022
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