What’s the advantages of felt drawer organizer?

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  • 100%  recycled polyester felt
  • Upgraded Drawer Organizer Tray: Unlike most round drawer organizer trays on the market, the rectangular drawer organizer tray makes greater use of storage space. It’s more practical for storage and organization of home, office and dormitories. 8 pack felt drawer organizer can be used on the table, kitchen, bathroom or wherever you want.
  • Made of Quiet Felt Material: The drawer organizer tray is made of special felt material, which does not produce noise like plastic, has a certain degree of hardness, is thick and strong, they can maintain its shape when used. This material prevents the tray from sliding in the drawer and anti-slip stuff inside of bins
  • 4 Sizes for Organizers, the depth fits a standard desk drawer
  • Keep Your Drawers Neat and Orderly: We provide different sizes of bins to suit different sizes of products. They can fit and nest within each other and can be used to almost everything that is usually messed up in drawers or toolboxes. You can clearly find what you need through the drawer organizer tray
  • Wide Application Range: Drawer organizer bins are suitable for any place you need to organize, such as office, bedside table, dressing table, bathroom, kitchen, etc. At the same time, it can provide you with practical and stylish gifts for all your upcoming events and special occasions, such as housewarming, parties, back-to-school season, etc.

Post time: Apr-07-2024
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