What will Winter Olympic Games effect?

Winter Olympic Games 小

As you know Beijing 2022 will host the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, 4-20 Feb.


The Chinese government expanded pollution curbs around the capital to promote blue skies, including ordering a big steel hub to cap production through March. (Officials shut factories around Beijing in 2008 in a similar effort dubbed “Olympic Blue.”) Coming on top of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and control power usage nationally, the combined policies contributed to a power crunch across much of China in September and October. Air quality in the capital deteriorated in late October after authorities ordered increased coal production, part of a pledge to ensure the power supply this winter, which is forecast to be colder than normal. The Winter Games would be a priority as well.


Cause our factory is located in Hebei, very close to Beijing, so we’re afraid that our factory maybe closed also from Jan 1st to Mar 8th, 2022. 


If you have any pending purchasing plans, please schedule asap. So we can arrange in advance to make sure about the prompt delivery after CNY holiday. We will help week your supply chain on track while minimizing any negative impacts.

Post time: Dec-08-2021
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