The use of wool felt

100% Wool Felt
Pure, Soft, Sustainable. It’s exactly what you want for your Felt.
100% Wool Felt is by far the best you can use for any craft, furnishing or decor. Vivid in colour with over 120 shades to choose from you’ll have everything you need to make that something special into something wow.

Our felt has scoured the finest Wool Felt Products around the world resulting in the largest collection in the country. Felted in Europe, the manufacturers source a vast range of Merino Wool from Australian and New Zealand fleece, including a collection from Pure Wool Felt which contains fleece from South African Sheep.
100% Pure Wool Felt
The 100% Pure Wool Felt distinguishes itself from others by its woollier look and a slightly greater weight per meter weighing approximately 450 grams per meter. The felt is made from pure wool from South American breeds of sheep and produced in China.
The properties of 100% Pure Wool Felt make this material extremely suitable and safe for children’s toys. Furthermore, 100% Pure Wool Felt is often used for interior decoration, wall finishing and upholstery.
The 100% Pure Wool Felt is also used in theatres, photo studios, architectural purposes and for luxurious trade show presentations.
Thanks to the natural character of this 100% woollen felt, it has a huge number of applications and is a highly valued product.
This makes it impossible to imagine our textile world without it.
Technical Specs
* Made from pure wool from 100% Merino wool
* Milled from the finest factories in China
* The woollen felt that is dyed with non-toxic and heavy metal-free dyes which satisfy the EN 71, art. 1, 2 and 3 guidelines
* Safe for children and can be used in children’s toys
* Machine-washable using a wool program no warmer than 30 degrees
* Can shrink just slightly, but usually no more than 5%.
* Can be ironed using an average warm temperature
* Flame retardant and can be used for heat and sound insulation.

Post time: Mar-02-2023
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