The 133rd China Import and Export Fair, or Canton Fair

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair, or Canton Fair, has officially started. For the past three years, most of the sessions were held online due to pandemic control measures. This year, offline activities have all resumed, with the exhibition area even bigger than before. Our Cao Chufeng has more from the southern city of Guangzhou.

The opening ceremony for the 133rd Canton Fair was held on Friday evening, one day before the start of the actual event. The Canton Fair is China’s oldest, and also largest international trading fair both in terms of venue acreage, and the number of global participants. With the international trade affected by the pandemic for the past three year, businesses and officials all hope the fair will be a strong global economic booster.

HE LIFENG Vice Premier, China’s State Council “We sincerely invite guests from all over the world to return to the event, and start again with a new look. It is of great significance to deepening trade exchanges between China and other countries, and promoting the development of global economy and trade.”

CAO CHUFENG Guangzhou “It’s 9 o’clock on Saturday, the first day of the Canton Fair, and as you can see, the vendors are ready for business. For the next three weeks, exhibitors will take turns to showcase their products. These will include high-tech products, food, cars, clothes, literately covering almost every sector.”

The 133rd session is the largest ever. A new exhibition hall has been opened, taking the total area to 1.5 million square meters. Plenty of space and thousands of exhibitors are here. Some of these are regular and they are thrilled to be able to meet potential customers in person once again.

SISSY ZHENG Sales Manager Guangzhou Pintech Metal Tools Company “Offline exhibitions provide us the chance to interact with actual clients and get their feedback right away. They can then interact with our actual products after that.”

Buyers from over 200 countries and regions have registered for online and offline exhibitions. And although it is still early in the morning, many buyers are already here to discuss business.

PAUL CARNEY Managing Director Camsaw Distributors “I’ve been to the Canton Fair 15 times until this stage. I’ve been here quite a few times. And it’s great to be back, after COVID.”

Canton Fair has always been considered as the “barometer” of China’s foreign trade. And the outcome of this session, will give some indications of the current status of the country’s international trade after the pandemic. Cao Chufeng, CGTN, Guangzhou.



Post time: May-16-2023
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