Something you Neet to know about Felt Grow Bag

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The Function of Felt Grow Bag :

1.  Environmentally friendly material of our grow bag can effectively cause the natural roots of several trees to make the transplanting effect more effective. After planting, the roots of the seedlings will stretch outwards, because the material is much more breathable than other materials. The plants are exposed to such unique materials and regret not easily penetrate the ground, but because of the action of air, they gradually begin to gradually Roots are broken, and because of this rooting, a new root system is formed in the tree planting bag, thereby effectively promoting the formation of many large roots of the plant, which is a natural root-breaking effect.

2. The water permeability is extremely strong and does not accumulate water. The special material of the beauty plant bag can effectively allow the moisture and nutrients to penetrate freely, without the accumulation of water in the bag, thus reaching the risk of rooting.

3. The use of felt grow bag has lower cost and long transplant season. Because the technicians do not need root transplant, the ordinary workers can transplant, the transplant is easy and convenient, the cost is low, and the handling cost can be reduced. After harvesting, the planting bag can be used as a packaging soil ball container, the soil ball remains intact, and the transplant survival rate High, no additional packaging is required to reduce costs.


The different size of felt grow bag you may check out ,  contact us for get more information!

:the size of felt grow bag




Post time: Jul-08-2019
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