Perfect Gift for Christmas—Silicone coaster

Round silicone coaster set non-slip insulation soft silicone pad absorbent felt Christmas gift


Features: The combination of absorbent non-woven felt and silicone anti-skid bottom coaster makes the coaster more practical and beautiful. The felt can absorb water and absorb oil, and it can be insulated and replaced. The silicone can be non-slip, durable and clean. Both materials are environmentally friendly and are a popular match in the European and American markets in recent years.






















Material: food grade environmentally friendly silicone + absorbent felt

Size: diameter 10CM* total height 0.5CM

Gram weight: about 34 grams

Packing: OPP bag is individually packaged, 500 boxes, 48*36*38CM, gross weight 18KG

Insulation: Silica gel has good high temperature resistance and low temperature stability, low temperature -40 degrees, high temperature 230 degrees

LOGO: Felt can be customized shapes and patterns, coasters can be customized logo, color, shape, packaging can be customized boxed



1. Clean and dry with detergent before first use.

2. Do not place this product directly on an open flame to avoid deformation of the product.

3. Do not cut or scratch the product with a knife or other sharp objects.

4. Please keep it in the dark.

















Post time: Oct-25-2019
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