No more flowerpots,Use Felt Plant Grow Bags, of course!


Why use a Felt Plant Grow Bags? Do want your plant to grow better?

Yes! Just choose Rolking felt grow bag!

    Felt Plant Grow Bags  are very breathable and beneficial to root development compared to ordinary ones

Plastic or wooden ports are less likely to root bound

So the plants will grow better and no leakage.

felt grow bag (2)

5 /7/10/15/20/30 gallons is the most popular size.

      Felt Plant Grow Bags can only grow things like lettuce, cherry radishes, It’s a very deep series.

10-15gallon,The 15inch-tall one is suitable for most of the more common dishes (e.g. Eggplant, pepper, tomato)

       Larger one will be suitable for planting saplings, you will always find the most suitable grow bag!

felt grow bag (8)felt grow bag (4)

Post time: Dec-30-2022
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