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Product Description:

Material: High-quality felt
Color: Light Grey/Deep Grey
Size: 40 cm x 28 cm x 26 cm/15.7″(L) x 11.0″(W) x 10.2″(H)
Thickness: 3mm/0.12″
Application Scene: Kids Room / Laundry Room / Bedroom / Changing Room / Nursery / Office
● At 3 mm thick, the flat bottom can place items smoothly without shaking.
● Designed with a neutral color and no gorgeous patterns, it works great for any room in family or office.
● Can be collapsed flat for easy storage when not in use.
● Easy to assemble without any tools.
● Can help utilize your indoor storage space more effectively, get everything organized.
Washing with clean water at ordinary temperatures.
Please allow 1-3 cm error for manual measurement.

Package Included:
3 x Foldable Storage Basket
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Post time: Feb-23-2023
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