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Felt Placemats For Every Family!  ;-) IMG_2931


Felt Material: High quality Felt material, soft,absorbent. Polyester felt make these placemats feel soft than normal plastic placemats.4mm thick table mats which is much thicker and more protective than a standard placemat. Suitable for wood table,marble countertop,glass table

Table Mats Specification: Set of 6 placemats.Placemats size: 45*30cm.4mm thick Polyester felt provides a tough, protective layer to prevent table

Why Choose Felt Placemats: Absorb spills,water just doesn’t permeate the thickness of thesappetizer-bread-delicious-407293e placemats;mid-century modern decor,suitable for marble countertop,wood table for dining room; Functional placemat, minimalist modern,quiet country living look,protect table and decorate home

How to Clean:  Easy to Clean. If there are stain on these place mats,pls rinsed the mat with warm water or use soft rush to clean; Also, these modern place mats are machine washable ,after a 30-degree wool cycle they come out looking as good as new. These place mats did alright in the washing machine but usually t’s not really necessary as dining table mats are so easy to rinse. Pls Do not use a steel ball brush


















Purchase a set lovely placemats,make life better! :-D

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