How to get wholesale wool dryers balls?

How to get wholesale wool dryers balls?


Nowadays, there’s more and more propel are using wool dryer balls in USA and European market, because its obvious function of shortening drying time.


Many retailers in USA and Euro have strong interests on this wool dryer balls but don’t know where to found the factory with the best quality and competitive price.


Here you are. We, Rolking Felt Company, one of the biggest production capacity factory of wool dryer balls in China, would like to offer you the wool dryer balls with best price and service.


The most easy and fast way contact us by email at or call +86 01060211314


Nangong Rolking Felt CO.,LTD. Specializing in field of wool and felt products more than 30 years. There’s many types of products that listing in our warehouse. Also we have BSCI, Reach, SGS, GRS, ISO, UKAS certificates, it allow us to guarantee the best quality and production time to customer.


If you are looking for wool dryer balls, we must be your best choice.



Post time: Jun-21-2019
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