Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday











11th September is a special day. On this day, we gather together to bless our friends. On this day, Jessica has been working in our company for one year and Cassie is 24 years old.

First of all, our HR director Zhang Man presents Jessica’s ” anniversary video”. There is a tradition in our company, when the employee’s anniversary comes, the HR department will make a video to celebrate and commemorate the growth of the employee in this year. Of course, given that all kinds of life and work photos are not so beautiful, everyone will laugh at the photographer. Hah, but we are very happy because someone help you record your happiness and sad. It is very warm. How do you think?

Then, our main characters Jessica and Cassie respectively summarized the changes brought by their growth in the past year, and made expectations for the future.

Finally the director and general manager gave their best wishes. You are different because you joined Rolking Felt. Rolking Felt, it’s different because of you. Hope we always uphold the concept of Rolking ”the more efforts, the luckier”, for ourselves, for Rolking, let us work hard together!




Post time: Sep-16-2019
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