Felt Cat House

Felt Cat House Soft Felt Cave Bag Sandwich Bag Shape Cat Handbag Foldable Cat House for Indoor Outdoor Usewith Window and Handle

Have you had the experience of buying a product that your cat wouldn’t touch and you were stuck with another piece of idle item sitting quietly in the living room? Don’t make the same mistake. This Creative Cat Tunnel will solve your problem.
  • Made with high quality felt (with GRS, REACH and AZO free certificate) – a super cozy material that your feline will love
  • Cat feet shape holes  to stimulate cat’s interests to play and interact
  • Provides the perfect hiding place for your cat to rest and observe

Let us know if you want to samples to check the quality, I just have one sample in my hand. 



Below is our stock link for the pet products, please let us know if you have anything  interested. 



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Post time: Sep-02-2022
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