How to choose a good squeegee?


Quality fabric and plastic: car wrapping tool is made of durable plastic and with quality fabric felt edges for longer life than regular squeegees, resistant and firmly, convenient for you to apply on any surfaces and not worry about scratching or marking;

Felt scraper: this reusable plastic felt squeegee is highly abrasion resistant, and the edges of the felt will keep the film clean and absorb dust after the film is colored, and not to hurt the paster
Non-slip design: felt squeegee features raised lines prevent slippage, it can protect against scratches when vinyl is applied, and the edges of the felt will protect your vinyl without leaving any residue, making it ideal for workshops filled with a variety of oils
Versatile use: felt edge scraper can be applied for automotive film color, also for house window film color and wallpaper paste; Suitable for painting protective film, applique, wrapping film, especially in the coloring details
Useful for either window film, paint protection film, decals, wrap film This reusable squeegee-type applicator is constructed of durable vinyl. When hand applying film , it is the perfect solution for smooth substrates. Fabric Felt Edge and last longer than ordinary squeegee medium-hard professional squeegee with Black Fabric felt edge.
Perfect for all vinyl applications and will not scratch during your installation. The material of vinyl wrap squeegee is wear resistant and durable.

Post time: Mar-23-2023
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