colorful wool ironing mat

Rencently we developed one new product–colorful wool ironing mat, we can make the color as your require.

They not only have the below advantage of grey wool ironing mat, but also you can customiz the color as your want.

1. 100% wool
2. Retains heat – it’s like ironing from both sides at the same time!
3. Fabric pushes down into it- your blocks are flatter and the seams get a little buried.
4. Textured surface – it’s wool, it has a texture. This helps fabric not slip and move all over the place
5. Use with the Silhouette or Cricut machines – I used the mat when pressing with HTV (iron on vinyl) worked wonderful!
6. Transferable- move this mat anywhere you’d like to set up an iron station. Perfect for retreats or sew days with friends.





Post time: Jul-27-2020
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