Colorful coaster, colorful life



Why should you choose felt coaster?



* Environmentally friendly material 

* Stop spills, protect furniture from excess liquids

* Widely use in home, bar, club, hotel, restaurant etc.

* Prefect gift.

* Soft material absorbent



* 100% children friendly

* Washable, easy to clean and storage 

* Protecting delicate surfaces from heat, moisture and scratches

* Modern design felt coaster can use as decoration







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So many coaster, why choose us? 

SUPER ABSORBENT MATERIAL-Made from 100% felt that will quickly absorb any spills or condensation from your drink. Using stone, plastic, wood, or paper coasters can still cause drips, puddles, and moistures stains.

THICK AND DURABLE-Sleek and stylish, 5mm thick and dense felt materials that will never dent, tear, or rip no matter what type of drink you use it for. The soft felt also prevents your drink coaster from scratching or damaging your table.

FOR HOT AND COLD DRINKS-Our coaster for drinks absorbent material makes them resistant to hot or cold temperatures. No matter your drink of choice, know your furniture or table is fully protected. Use with hot coffee, beer, cocktails, tea- Any type of drink.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-Fully protect your table and quickly absorb any spills with our premium felt absorbent coasters, or your money back! At ROLKING, we believe in bringing you beautiful and sleek products built with the highest quality material around.




Post time: Jul-18-2019
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