How to maintain and clean the wool felt products?

How to maintain and clean the wool felt products?



Nowadays wool felt products have been many areas of life, such like industrial area, wool dryer balls, wool ironing mat, wool bags, wool hats. But there’s a question many people don’t know. That’s how to maintain and clean it.


Below are some methods for you.


● Rinse with cold water.


● No bleaching for felt products.


● Choose a neutral lotion with pure wool logo and no bleach.


● Hand wash alone. Don’t use the washing machine to avoid damaging the appearance.


● wash with light pressure. Dirt parts only need to be gently rubbed. Never scrub with a brush.


● wash with shampoo and conditioner. Can reduce the appearance of pilling ball.


● after cleaning, hang in the ventilated place to dry naturally. If need to dry, please at low temperature.


With these tips, now you can rest assured buy wool felt products.

Post time: Aug-01-2019
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