5pcs Flat Soft Auto Polisher Detailing Buffer Foam Polish Pad with Velcro

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5pcs Flat Soft Auto Polisher Detailing Buffer Foam Polish Pad with Velcro

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Flat foam polishing pads



  • FOAM POLISHING PAD: Improved foam technology eliminates minor surface defects while restoring gloss with no swirls
  • DESIGNED TO PERFORM: Low profile for optimized performance
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: Advanced polishing and finishing results from increased disc and tool efficiency
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Ideal when used with Dual Action Polisher MT300 and 6″ DA Backing Plate DBP6
  • REUSE: Foam discs are machine washable and reusable

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Q:How to use them?

A: 1.Please clean the car before polishing, the best temperature balance is in calm weather.

    2.If you use solid wax, you can put the wax wipe in the car, and then use sponge wax.

    3.After the waxing sponge is finished, you can choose wool board polishing, or partial polishing, such as         applying polarized light where the brightness is not enough or the smooth performance is not good. 

Q: How to clean these foam pads?
A: Very easy to clean. I use a lot of dish soap and warm water. It takes a few rounds of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ – as many times as required before the rinse water is clean.
Q.Is this a hook and loop pad. Is this the pad I can use to remove light swirl marks on a new clear coat finish?
A: Yes this is a hook and loop pad, and the pad is primarily used for polishing more then cutting but with a heavier compound it can be what’s called a half step, and will remove light swirls.
Q: Can I make custom polishing pads ?
A: Yes, if you can send us photo and size, we can make custom one.
Q: How can I add my private logo on the polishing pads?
A: Normally clients will choose logo sticker on packaging, you can also use hang tag, inner card and print on back side of pad.

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