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Rolking Felt Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, we are the leader factory of wool felt , wool dryer balls and felt products in China

Nowadays, if only the quality and price are the advantages, we can’t win the market, so we have another product--Service.

Our team can make samples very fast; final right samples can be given until satisfaction , order time can be guaranteed, QC people check every order before delivery; professional packing people, 24 hours service people.

We wish we can be hundred-year company based on your join.
We are always your honest cooperator !!

Polishing products Industrial felt products Felt finished products

If you have inquiry, please call to us or leave message to us, we can reply you within 2 hours on working days; and reply within 12 hours on weekend, thanks

  • Tel: +86 10 6021 1314
  • Fax: +86 10 5720 2929
  • Factory: Fanjiazhai North, Chuiyang Town, Nangong City,Hebei China 055750
  • Beijing Office:Floor 14,Building 12, Greenland Sailing, no. 5 Tianhua Street, Daxing District, Beijing China. 102600

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