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Car Care Unique Design Hexagon Shape Foam Polishing Pad

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  Hex-logic Foam Buffing Pads for Car,                                                 Features: Hex-logic laser cut surface Perfectly centered pad Flexible ring Bendable ring      Name: Car Care Unique Design Hexagon Shape Foam Pad  Material:  Foam/Sponge Size: 6 inch 150mm or customized Color: Black Yellow Orange Green Black  Type: sponge car polish...

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Hex-logic Хөөс тээрэм зузаан хилэн Pads for Car,

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  • Hex-logic laser cut surface
  • Perfectly centered pad
  • Flexible ring
  • Bendable ring 

 polishing pad (77)polishing pad (25)


нэр: Car Care Unique Design Hexagon Shape Foam Pad 
материал:  Foam/Sponge
Хэмжээ: 6 инч 150mm, эсвэл өөрчилж
өнгө: Black Yellow Orange Green Black 
Санал авах sponge car polishing pad

The Orange Self-Centered Hex-Logic Medium/Heavy Cut Scratch is a firm, high density foam pad  ideal for scratch and defect removal. When used with heavier compounds it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze.

The Hexagon construction forms perfectly to a vehicle’s many curves while the unique pad construction reduces unnecessary heat. 

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зөвлөмж тээрэм зузаан хилэн:

зөв өнгөлгөөний материал эрх тээрэм зузаан хилэн дэвсгэр -Match. 

- Польшийн эсвэл паалантай нь дуусгах үед хуурай тэгшхэн байна. Учир нь үүнгүйгээр, машин дээр нь бага зэрэг материалыг үлдээгээрэй
you create friction. 

- Таны тээрэм зузаан хилэн Сансрын зураг, халив адил юм хурц обьект гэх мэт цэвэрлэх нь салаа ашиглах

машин тээрэм зузаан хилэн үед санал болгосон RPM-дотор -Stay

-Wear нүд хамгаалах

More Types Хөөс өнгөлгөөний Pads: 

polishing pad (31)buffing pad (60)

polishing pad (43)foam polishing pads (3)

car polishing foam pad (90) buffing pad (23)


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    Q. How to clean these foam pads?

    A. Very easy to clean. I use a lot of dish soap and warm water. It takes a few rounds of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ – as many times as required before the rinse water is clean.

    Q. Is this a hook and loop pad. Is this the pad I can use to remove light swirl marks on a new clear coat finish?

    A. Yes this is a hook and loop pad, and the pad is primarily used for polishing more then cutting but with a heavier compound it can be whats called a half step, and will remove light swirls.

    Q: Is your foam/sponge material made in China?

    A: No or yes, we have some foam material made in China, also have some import from foreign country such as Germany, USA, Japanese . You can choose the one you need.

    А: Би өөрчлөн Сансрын өнгөлгөөний болгох вэ?
    A: Yes, if you can send us photo and size, we can make custom one.

    А: Би яаж өнгөлгөөний талбайг миний хувийн логог нэмж чадах вэ?
    A: Normally clients will choose header card or logo sticker on packaging, you can also use inset card and print on back side of pad.

    А: Бид хөөс дэвсгэр өнгө сонгох вэ?
    A: Yes, you can choose the foam/sponge pad color, normally different color have different hardness.

    А: Яагаад хэрэглээ нь ноос, хөөс дэвсгэр иж бүрдэл?
    A: Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine.Used for Auto car detail polishing.Adhesive backing, you can change pads just in seconds.The back of the disk has hook and loop, so you can easily change the the sponge or woolen buffer pad.

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