• Colorful coaster, colorful life

    Colorful coaster, colorful life

      Why should you choose felt coaster?     * Environmentally friendly material  * Stop spills, protect furniture from excess liquids * Widely use in home, bar, club, hotel, restaurant etc. * Prefect gift. * Soft material absorbent     * 100% children friendly * Wash...
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  • New Product—Felt Carpet

                        New Week!  New Product!   Rolking is a united and innovative team. We are always committed to creating different products and providing the best service.   Next week we will have a new product: Felt Mat.   You can see that it ...
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  • Felt Potato Grow Bag Is Coming

    Felt Potato Grow Bag Is Coming     Look our new type, it’s felt potato grow bag.   It’s made of 3mm thick high quality eco-friendly polyester felt. It’s smooth and breathable.   There’s a felt window for you to take the potato out easily when the potato came out. You can plant also tomato...
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  • Something you Neet to know about Felt Grow Bag

    It’s sowing season in July. Are you ready for get more information about your planter?   The Function of Felt Grow Bag : 1.  Environmentally friendly material of our grow bag can effectively cause the natural roots of several trees to make the transplanting effect more effective. Afte...
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  • New arrival felt flower storage basket series

    1. Made from polyester felt. It is environmental safe and odourless free. 2. With its large capacity, it is able to hold huge quantity of items. 3. Fashionable design and pleasant outlook. Can be used within the store room, study room, to store clothing, toys and books etc. Allows you to or...
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  • Arts and Craft Market includes a variety – News – The Register-Mail

    GALESBURG — The mood was peaceful and laid back in Standish Park on Saturday, as a strong breeze blew through the leaves and mostly grey skies failed to drop any rain. It was perfect weather for the Arts and Craft Market, held for the second year in the historic park. 35 vendors parked themselves...
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  • How to get wholesale wool dryers balls?

    How to get wholesale wool dryers balls?   Nowadays, there’s more and more propel are using wool dryer balls in USA and European market, because its obvious function of shortening drying time.   Many retailers in USA and Euro have strong interests on this wool dryer balls but don’t know where to f...
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    NEW ITEMS READY FOR SELL   SIZE: 4 size to fit drawer and space saved. Set of 8 bins     1 bin of 10.6 x 7.5 x 1.8 inch 2 bins of 10.2 x 3.5 x 1.8 inch 3 bins of 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.8 inch 2 bins of 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.8 inch   APPLICIANT: Set bins of 8 are more economic affordab...
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  • Rolking dalyvaus tarptautinėje Pagrindinis + irankiai Rodyti (IHA)

    Rolking dalyvaus tarptautinėje Pagrindinis + irankiai Rodyti (IHA)

    Po Apdaila parodoje Vokietijoje ir Čikagos, JAV, mes lankyti Greitai Canton Fair. Jei būsiu ten, kviečiame aplankyti mūsų stendą. Pageidavimų mes jums susitikti su jumis ten.
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  • Kurios šalys Poveikis jaučiamas rinkos?

    Kurios šalys Poveikis jaučiamas rinkos?

    Vokietija yra pirmaujanti gamintoja ir eksportuotoja iš vilnos jaučiamas. Jos eksportas sudarė 20,8 mln. Eurų 2017, tris kartus daugiau eksportuoja nei Italijoje, antras pagal dydį eksportuotoja. Eksportuoti elektros Vokietijos stabilizavosi ketverių metų laikotarpį, akivaizdu, jo dalį eksportui: 37,3% 2015 m, 31,2% iš 201 ...
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