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Versatile and eco-friendly gardening solution Green Edge Non-woven Grow Bag


 Versatile and eco-friendly gardening solution  Green Edge Non-woven Grow Bag

The Green Edge Non-woven Grow Bag is a multifunctional and environmentally-friendly gardening solution that enables effortless cultivation of plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Crafted from premium-grade non-woven fabric, this grow bag creates an optimal growth environment for your plants by facilitating adequate air circulation and efficient water drainage




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 Felt Grow Bag

1.Durable Construction: The grow bag is crafted from premium non-woven fabric, which is tear-resistant and built to last. It can withstand regular use and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

2.Green Lock Edge Design: The grow bag features a unique green lock edge design that provides added stability and prevents soil from spilling out. This feature ensures that your plants remain secure and well-supported as they grow.

3.Breathable Material: The non-woven fabric used in the grow bag allows for optimal airflow, promoting healthy root development and preventing the risk of root rot. It also helps regulate the temperature, preventing overheating during hot weather.

4.Excellent Drainage: The grow bag is designed with multiple drainage holes at the bottom, allowing excess water to drain freely. This prevents waterlogging and helps maintain the ideal moisture level for your plants.

5.Easy to Use: The Green Edge Non-woven Grow Bag is lightweight and easy to move around, making it suitable for any garden or patio. It also features sturdy handles, making it convenient to carry and transport.

6.Space-Saving: Unlike traditional pots, grow bags are collapsible and can be easily stored when not in use. This feature is especially useful for gardeners with limited space.


項目 商品番号 サイズ(DIA * H) MOQ
フェルトガーデンバッグ 1ガロン 17.78センチメートル* 15.24センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 2ガロン 21.59センチメートル* 19.05センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 3ガロン 25.4センチメートル* 22.86センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 5ガロン 30.48センチメートル* 25.4センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 7-ガロン 33.02センチメートル* 30.48センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 10ガロン 38.1センチメートル* 30.48センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 15ガロン 44.45センチメートル* 36.83センチメートル 1000
フェルトガーデンバッグ 20ガロン 48.26センチメートル* 40.64センチメートル 1000

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