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  • Visit Xiangshan for Maple Leaves

              In the northwest suburbs of Beijing, at the eastern foot of the Xishan mountain, frost season,   thousands of acres in Xiangshan on the slope of the red likes the fire, far view thought it is a piece of petals, close to seen clearly that is a piece of maple le...
    Kara karantawa
  • Perfect Gift for Christmas—Silicone coaster

    Round silicone coaster set non-slip insulation soft silicone pad absorbent felt Christmas gift   Features: The combination of absorbent non-woven felt and silicone anti-skid bottom coaster makes the coaster more practical and beautiful. The felt can absorb water and absorb oil, and it can be insu...
    Kara karantawa
  • Felt Tools Bag Is Popular Now

    Felt Tools Bag Is Popular Now     This tools bag was made of 3mm thick 100% polyester felt. It’s very durable, can hold at least 50KG tools.   Size is 15*17*6 inch. There’s enough room and multi pockets to hold kinds of tools.   It’s very popular in garden and industry area.   The material ...
    Kara karantawa
  • Customer visit us again

    last week, our customer also our friend— Dev come to visit our office again. He is our old friends and trust us for 5 years already. And we are very happy to hear that his company runs very well in India. In this time, we developement many new priducts, our cooperation is becoming more and ...
    Kara karantawa
  • Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

                      11th September is a special day. On this day, we gather together to bless our friends. On this day, Jessica has been working in our company for one year and Cassie is 24 years old. First of all, our HR director Zhang Man presents Jes...
    Kara karantawa
  • wool pressing mat

    I won one of these in a quilting giveaway and was so excited to give it a try. This is the first wool pressing mat I have used and I really love it! I don’t have a dedicated room for quilting. My “studio” also doubles as a play room. Because of this, I didn’t like keeping an ironing board set up....
    Kara karantawa
  • How to make household cleaning easier?

    How to make household cleaning easier?

      Get tired of the boring household cleaning? Try Rolking power scrubbing drill brush cleaning brushes and Scouring Pads. It can attach to any cordless drill or impact driver, become a powerful cleaning tool. Get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and achieve a deeper clean, definitely a go...
    Kara karantawa
  • Lovely Item For Family

    Lovely Item For Family

    Felt Placemats For Every Family!    Felt Material: High quality Felt material, soft,absorbent. Polyester felt make these placemats feel soft than normal plastic placemats.4mm thick table mats which is much thicker and more protective than a standard placemat. Suitable for wood table,marbl...
    Kara karantawa
  • Colorful coaster, colorful life

    Colorful coaster, colorful life

      Why should you choose felt coaster?     * Environmentally friendly material  * Stop spills, protect furniture from excess liquids * Widely use in home, bar, club, hotel, restaurant etc. * Prefect gift. * Soft material absorbent     * 100% children friendly * Wash...
    Kara karantawa
  • Rolking halarci International Home + Housewares Nuna (IHA)

    Rolking halarci International Home + Housewares Nuna (IHA)

    Bayan gama ciniki show a Jamus da kuma Chicago USA, za mu halarci comming Canton Fair. Idan za ku zama a can, maraba su ziyarce mu rumfa. So mu za ku sadu da ku a can.
    Kara karantawa
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