• Why are shipping rates so high 2021

    Sea Freight Rates Have Soared.. Here’s Why. Why are ocean freight rates so high? The pandemic that brought entire economies to their knees has a hand in this fiasco. But it’s actually more of a confluence of factors that COVID kicked off. Here are a few of our culprits: Lockdown restrictions slow...
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  • Why choose China supplier for the wool dryer balls under Covid-19?

    Why choose China supplier for the wool dryer balls under Covid-19?   As we all know, China have best control for COVID-19, our life and production have back to normal.   Firstly: As a handmade product, wool dryer balls are mainly produced in Nepal and China. Nepal is affected by Covid-1...
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  • Christmas sourcing season is coming

    Busy Christmas Sourcing Season   As you know, people are stuck at home for long time because of COVID-19, but the passion and expentance for Christmas never fade. Now it’s time for Christmas soucring, our factory is busy with production.    In 2021, we launch some new model Christ...
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  • Factory reopen and start mass production again

    SHIJIAZHUANG, March 4 (Xinhua) — China’s Hebei Province, hit by a recent COVID-19 resurgence, on Wednesday saw its last five confirmed cases discharged from hospitals. As all patients had recovered, the province now has zero registered COVID-19 patients or asymptomatic infections, ac...
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  • What’s COVID-19 situation in China?

    What’s COVID-19 situation in China?

    BEIJING — A partial lockdown was imposed on the Chinese capital Wednesday, with 1.6 million residents banned from leaving Beijing, after a handful of cases were detected. Seven cases were reported in the city on Wednesday, including six in southern Daxing district. All 1.6 million residents of D...
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  • Rolking New Products-Chunky Yarn Knit Blanket

    Rolking New Products Recommendation   Hey guys, glad to recommend you our new products, named chunky yarn knit blanket. Now let me introduce that for you~   100% handmade: we have two different materials for you to choose! One is chunky yarn, the other is chenille yarn. This knitted blanket will ...
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  • How to Wash Felt?

    How to Wash Felt?

    How to Hand Wash Felt We highly recommend using the hand washing method for felt, especially for those projects that have sentimental value. Yes, it’s a little bit more work, but hand washing gets felt just as clean as machine washing but without the risk of ruining the fabric. Fill your...
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  • Why wool ironing mat is popular?

    Why wool ironing mat is popular?

    Felt you might ask? For those of us who do not dabble in wool projects, Felted Wool or Wool Felt might be a foreign fabric. So to quote American Felt and Craft: “Felted starts the process as a wool or wool blend woven fabric. To make something “felt” (a verb) or “felted” (an adjective) implies wa...
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  • how to clean the felt?

    Allow spillage to dry before cleaning. Whether the issue is food crumbs, dirt, mud or any other non-staining spillage, it must be allowed to dry before proceeding.  If you attempt to clean the item before the spillage has dried, the substance will likely get ground into the fibers of the felt, ma...
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  • sample room display

    sample room display

    Here is our sample room that we cleaned this week From below picture, you can see our hot sale product such as animal storage basket, square felt storage baset,storage bin, wool dryer ball and wool ironing mats. If you are intetested, contact us freely!        
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  • live show of felt product On Sep 30th

    live show of felt product On Sep 30th

    Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! Very glad to tell you we will have live show on Alibaba at 5:00 – 7:00 AM (Beijing time) On Sep 30th( Next Wednesday) Click below link to join us,we can talk more face to face there wool dryer balls Come to get free sample! Waiting for you!    
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  • Welcome to our live show on 22nd this month!

    Welcome to our live show on 22nd this month!

    Good news! We will start our next live show at 10:00–12:00 (Beijing time) on Sep 22nd, 2020(next Tuesday), you will  find more hot sale home storage products(wool dryer balls, laundry basket, felt placemat, felt busy board etc).   Click below link to our live stream to get FREE GIFTS. ...
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