• People around the world call for peace

    U.S. airstrike kills top Iran general, Qassem Soleimani, at Baghdad airport The United States killed a high-profile commander of Iran’s secretive Quds Force with a drone strike in Iraq early Friday, the Department of Defense said.                 &nb...
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  • Iran to offer $ 80 million in reward for assassination of Trump

    According to Saudi media Al Arabiya, at Suleimani’s funeral, an eulogist offered a $ 80 million reward for the assassination of US President Trump during a live broadcast on Iranian National Television. The eulogist said: “We have 80 million people in Iran. If we each give one doll...
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  • Meaningful team-building days!

    Meaningful team-building days!

    TEAM BUILDING DAY Last Sunday, we had a meaningful league building activity! Through this day’s activities, set a new goal, clear our vision. We are more clear about the direction of the future efforts, the pace is more determined! Through the small games, but also enhance our team cohes...
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  • How to avoid wool pads shedding?

    All kinds of wool pads will shedding even the very finest pads will shed a bit at first but then taper off. So normally before using need to prep them.  A preped wool pad can reduce scratches and leave minimal swirls caused by the residue of polishing compounds trapped in wools. It also avoid the...
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  • How to become Rolking VIP customers?

    How to become Rolking VIP customers?

    You must be very curious, why I need to become Rolking customer, what’s the advantages? And how can I become Rolking VIP customer? VIP customers VS normal customers Shorter lead time: for the VIP customers, we will arrange your orders firstly, shorten your waiting time Christmas gift: we wi...
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  • How to sew a felt bag?

    How to sew a felt bag?

    How to sew a felt bag?   Felt bags are full of our life. Because it’s eco-friendly and easy to get. But do you know how to sew a felt bag? As a professional felt factory, we have many kinds of felt materials in stock. When we need to make bags, we pick the corresponding felt firstly, Second, w...
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  • How to sew a simple tote bag?

    How to sew a simple tote bag?

    How To Sew A Simple Tote Bag? BELOW IS A SIMPLE TOTE BAG WITH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS.   1. Prepare material.  Light grey felt in 2 mm is needed for this simple bag.    2. Cut the felt fabric. The felt usually comes in 105 cm width, so we need to measure and cut the felt pieces. (1) 2...
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  • How to wash the felt product?

    How to wash the felt product?

    How to wash the felt product? Felt is a great fabric to work with for crafting and for decoration. As versatile as it is when used properly, when you need to wash felt that’s become stained or soiled, your options are few. Here are the pros and cons of the two primary methods for washing f...
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  • When The Trade War Will Be Ended?

    When The Trade War Will Be Ended?

        Trade tensions between the U.S. and China have persisted for well over a year, with each country levying tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of goods from the other. So when the trade war will be ended?   Now, both countries are in the process of sealing what’s been called a “phase one...
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  • Wool dryer balls help you to save 25%-30% drying time

    Are you dream that your dryer machine can work faster? Dryer sheet seemed can solve this. But dryer sheet only can use one time for each laundry, and it makes fell guilty, caused the paper is made from the tree… Why not try our wool dryer balls? It is natural — made of 100% New Zealan...
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  • 2019 Single’s Day

              Alibaba Group Holding Ltd achieved record high sales of 268.4 billion yuan ($38.4 billion) during its Singles’ Day shopping extravaganza, an increase of 26 percent compared to 2018, as buyers swarmed the e-commerce giant’s online bazaars. JD, anothe...
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  • Autumn View in The Great Wall

    Autumn View in The Great Wall

    Autumn is coming! Are you go outside and look around the autumn view? Today, I’m gonna talk about the view of The Great Wall.  Here we go!   As you see, the weather goes cold, and leaves turns red. Match up with the splendid Great Wall, it’s amazing place to take relax. The Great Wall is ...
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